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Become a fully qualified, Industry and Government accredited Naturopath by online courses through one of Australia’s most prestigious and longest established Natural Medicine Colleges, Health Schools Australia (Est. 1967). This articulates into a University Degree. Click here to view a message from the Principal of Health Schools Australia.


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What is a Naturopath?

A naturopath is a highly trained health professional skilled in the science and art of using natural medicine to treat people with specific disorders. Not only does a naturopath treat people with diseases, they also are specialists in the area of preventative medicine.

A naturopath is trained in the use of nutritional medicine which means they can fix up your diet and treat any nutritional issues you might have. This can range from someone who is obese to somebody with allergies and vastly more complex conditions.

A naturopath may also recommend specific supplements designed to help either treat a specific condition or to prevent disease and increase your wellness.

The use of herbal medicine is also a big part of being a naturopath. Science in the last few years have indicated that there is a huge therapeutic effect for the use of traditional herbs and a naturopath is specifically trained to prescribe the right herbs for the right condition. This may include a group of herbs or a single herb.


What will I learn?

Studying Naturopathy is the gateway to a rewarding career helping people live happier, healthier lives. Inspire others to gain optimum wellness and vitality, while also earning a great living. This naturopathy course, like all our Advanced Diplomas is the gate way to a University Degree if you wish. Click here to watch a video on how a Naturopath practices.


Along with nutrition and herbal medicine, a naturopath also studies sciences such as chemistry, biochemistry and biology as well as detailed studies on anatomy and physiology. A naturopathic course is a scientific course at heart.

Naturopathic philosophy also is embedded in a naturopathic course. Naturopathic philosophy includes the statements above all do no harm and treat the cause of disease and not just the symptoms of disease. It also works with nature to get the best outcomes for the patient.


Professional Naturopathy Courses

Professional Naturopathic Courses: 48 years of teaching Naturopathy courses (on line options also). Click here for details. These courses can be started at any time and you can work at your own pace. The course can be studied by distance learning with the appropriate amount of clinical hours time to make sure your education is perfectly rounded.
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Can I pay the course off?

Yes. All Health Schools Australia courses offer convenient Monthly payment plans. The costs work out at... Read more

Are distance courses recognised by the Government & Industry?

Yes. Health Schools Australia is an Accredited Registered... Read more

How long does it take to complete?

It is up to you. Fast track your qualifications or, take up to 6 years to complete the... Read more

Do I need to get clinical experience?

Yes. You need to complete at least 400 hours with a qualified practitioner in your... Read more

When can I enroll and start?

Anytime you want! As soon as you enroll, we send you the material and you are away... Read more

Can I call a tutor for help?

Yes you can. We have been doing this for 45 years so we have the solutions to your... Read more